Tax Compliance

There is an increased recognition around the world that tax administrations must have adequate information to help them effectively monitor compliance with the law, and to make informed choices about scrutiny and investigation of taxpayers. Compliance is no longer limited to an annual exercise aimed at filing of a tax return, but has evolved into a full-time function focused on helping the business effectively manage the growing need for providing information and documentation required under tax laws.

Dhruva can help with all aspects of the compliance function, ranging from a full-outsourced model to reviewing/vetting of internal compliance functions. We can help inter alia in:

  • Assisting in preparation and filing of corporate tax returns.
  • Providing corporate tax litigation assistance, including representation services.
  • Undertaking other compliances viz. tax registrations, NIL / lower withholding tax certificates from tax authorities, certification.


Asmita D’souza Associate Partner

Asmita D’souza
Associate Partner

Krishan Malhotra Senior Advisor

Krishan Malhotra
Senior Advisor

Sunil Kapadia Senior Advisor

Sunil Kapadia
Senior Advisor