FIT-IBFD International Taxation Conference 2023

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Reshaping the International Tax Architecture in an Era of Multilateralism’. Dinesh Kanabar, CEO, Dhruva Advisors LLP led the discussion in the topical panel ‘Evolving Trends in Global Taxation’

Dhruva Knowledge Roundtable – Simplifying Pillar Two-GloBE Rules

The Pillar Two-GloBE Rules will be effective from FY 2024-25 and Indian headquartered groups will be impacted if they are present in any of the jurisdiction which has enacted the GloBE Rules. The application of these rules may lead to additional tax exposure in addition to the compliance burden. To shed further light on this and to provide insights, Dhruva Advisors hosted an engaging roundtable, providing an overview of the Pillar Two-GloBE Rules. Clients engaged with our experts and this roundtable became an excellent opportunity for clients to address queries or concerns that they had regarding this new international tax framework.

Budget Analysis Session on the Union Budget 2023-24 | Kolkata

Dhruva Advisors LLP hosted a ‘Budget Analysis Session on the Union Budget 2023-24’ jointly with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at Kolkata on February 02, 2023. The discussions included tax experts from Dhruva, key industry analysts and distinguished economist. The speakers deliberated and interpreted the budget’s impact on both direct and indirect taxes in India. The session was very well received by the participants.