Ashish Jain

Dhruva is a place of great opportunities for aspiring tax professionals. Here, one can explore various facets of business while providing tax advice to clients. The firm offers immense opportunities to expand one’s horizons and develop a range of skills, both technical and non-technical. This allows individuals to grow as true tax and regulatory professionals

Barnali Saha

“I have been with Dhruva Advisors LLP for nine years now, and I can confidently say it’s the best company I have ever worked for. The management team is transparent, fair, and always available to listen to employee feedback. They care about our professional development, skill advancement, career growth and work life balance. I’m proud to be a part of such a dynamic, supportive, and innovative company.”

Sonal Bhagat

“I have been with Dhruva for five years and the firm’s culture is something that truly sets it apart. Working here is beyond flexible work life schedules. The emphasis on employee well-being and the supportive work environment makes it a fantastic place to work. Everyone is willing to lend a hand, share ideas, and help each other succeed. Working at Dhruva has been an incredible experience”.

Amar Baikar

“I am proud to say that it has been a rewarding decision to join Dhruva Advisors. Here I have had the opportunity to work with a bunch of passionate professionals whose energy level is infectious. The organisation strives to create a friendly, team-oriented environment & are sensitive to ensuring there is a work and personal life balance. From day one it felt like I was part of an extended family.”

Jigisha Joshi

“Dhruva Advisors has given me an enriching experience by providing a platform for strategic thinking and collaboration. The dynamic work environment and supportive team enhance my growth and allows me to make a meaningful impact while advancing my career in the financial industry”.

Pradhuman Sharma

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Avinash Sharma

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Rahul Mehra

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