Deliver Excellence

Upholding highest standards of performance

1Takes pride in delivering high quality, cutting edge outputs that are bettered each time

2Anticipates client requirements, context and expectations and prepares thoroughly before every interaction

3Dedicates time and energy for staying ahead of the curve on latest know-how/developments in the external world. Initiates dialogue on new developments in the field with others and goes into depth of things

4Approached by one and all (internally and externally) for expertise and approachability

5Proactively reaches out and offers help and support to others to help ensure outstanding client delivery every time

6Engages across levels to teach/provide an experience of working on real time, novel and varied solutions

7Challenges team's thought process in order to stretch minds and build capabilities

8Actively seeks and provides insightful feedback to colleagues to enable high end quality outputs

Honest & Transparent

Maintaining integrity with all our stakeholders

1Alignment in thinking, behavior, words & actions

2Shares all relevant facts in a judicious manner with the right stakeholder at the right time

3Stands by one's word no matter what - is seen as credible and dependable person

4Open to listen and share one’s views on a topic in a balanced and mature way

5Remains positive and straightforward in speaking with people even in difficult/negative circumstances

6Shares constructive inputs with others to enhance their capability and widen their perspective

Relationship Centric

Nurturing deep, equal, respectful and trusted relationships

1Builds deep trust, mutual respect and personal connect with stakeholders. Takes a long term view, nurtures relationships over time, enjoys credibility and goodwill of others

2Builds equal relationship with clients - neither passive nor over eager while engaging with clients. Listens with an open mind to client's needs instead of promoting what the firm has to offer

3Reaches out to anyone in the firm who could help him/her add more value to the client and enlists their support/ offers support proactively to others

4Shows interest and concern for people. Makes efforts to connect and build nourishing relationships and a good working environment

5Attuned to the overall mood and morale of people and takes initiative to create fun and energy in the work place and celebrate small wins


Creating A-ha moments with innovative ideas, solutions and approach

1Challenges status quo and relentlessly seeks new and better solutions by referring to new and varied sources of know-how and opinions from others

2Continuously scans the environment for opportunities and quick to respond to them. Sees problems as an opportunity to innovate solutions

3Creates a powerful first impression by being positive and passionate. Consciously ensures that one creates impact by proactively sharing good ideas with the client

4Creates "Aha moments" by demonstrating to the client that s/he understands their world and provides them with novel solutions

5Enthusiastic about new initiatives and events in the firm and volunteers to support them

Value Adding

Proactively adding value on a consistent basis

1Focused on adding value to all stakeholders by keeping long term client interests in mind – admired by key stakeholders as a "thought leader"

2Actively provides insightful feedback to colleagues to enable growth and development. Creates IP for the firm

3Ideates and strategizes to deepen and expand the scope of services to create and nurture large accounts - thereby contributing to the client’s success significantly

4Fluid, nimble, flexible and open to possibilities – can "visualize" future trends

5Pursues tasks with energy and drive despite obstacles and set backs. Looks for solutions when faced with problems and seeks support


Taking ownership of what we do

1Driven by organizational goals and continuously looking at the Big Picture

2Builds credibility and equal partnership by demonstrating ownership
E.g. 24 hour follow up note, always being on top of things, consistent delivery and quality, assertive and candid communication

3Steps in and "rolls up one's sleeves" to co-create high quality solutions / solve problems with the team

4Takes complete ownership of outcome for self and others

5Conscious of impact of one's actions on the larger group and acts with responsibility