Dinesh Patwari

Senior Advisor

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Dinesh has a distinguished career in taxation and financial management, serving as the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax for Karnataka & Goa, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, and the Directorate General of Income Tax (Investigations).

He also held positions in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Jaipur. Dinesh’s academic qualifications include an MBA in Public Policy & Management from IIM, Ahmedabad, and an M.Com in Accounts & Business Statistics and Financial Management from Rajasthan University.

In fiscal year 2021-22, he led Bangalore to the second-highest budget collection, surpassing Delhi.

His innovative strategies and visionary steps contributed to the region’s success.

Dinesh’s contributions to the successful execution of the Income Disclosure Scheme (IDS 2016) and his extensive knowledge sharing and collaboration during his tenure at ITAT in 2004-05 demonstrate his dedication to excellence.

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