Dhruva Moot Court: Fostering Excellence in Indirect Taxation

We at Dhruva are excited to share highlights from our recently held moot court on Indirect Taxes. This event showcased our commitment to continuous learning, professional development, and fostering a culture of excellence, as we run up to celebrate Dhruva@10. The moot court provided colleagues at Dhruva an opportunity to polish their analytical skills, engage in legal debate, sharpen their representation abilities. As the participants delved into complex questions concerning GST, they had a platform to demonstrate their expertise, strategic thinking and court craft.

Notably –
Engaging scenarios: The moot case problem was crafted to reflect real-world challenges, pushing the participants to apply their knowledge and think critically.
Judges panel: Partners, provided insightful feedback and guidance to the participants.
Collaborative spirit: The competition fostered a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie among our team from various Dhruva offices.

Calling out all the participants Vaibhav Jajoo, Urvi Kalani, Vaibhav Chawla, Neha Jain, Saurabh Sharma, Neelam Rani, Kiran Tahelani, who studiously engaged for this event and put-up outstanding performances.

At Dhruva, we believe in nurturing talent and promoting continuous professional growth. Events like the moot court are integral to our mantra of providing top-tier advisory services in the realm of taxation.