Conference on attribution of profits to permanent establishment

Rahul Mitra was invited to speak in the conference on attribution of profits to permanent establishment, organised by the Vienna University of Economics and Business on 14th October, 2019 in Vienna.

He participated in three of the panel discussions, namely – (1) Article 7 AOA vs Article 9 OECD/ UN; (2) Profit attribution to PEs and PE exemptions; and (3) Profit Attribution to Agency PEs.

Other speakers across the three panels included – (a) distinguished professors of the Vienna and other Universities, Dr Raffaele Petruzzi; Dr Alfred Stock and Dr Adolfo Martin Jimenez; (b) Veronika Daurer, Austrian IRS; (c) Hartmut Foster, German IRS; (d) Colin Miller, Swedish IRS; (e) Tax Partners of PwC Germany and Deloitte Austria, etc.