FICCI-Dhruva Survey (Rebooting the Indian Economy – Industry Survey)

We are delighted to present the findings of the FICCI-Dhruva Survey (Rebooting the Indian Economy – Industry Survey). The Survey covers the current state of the Indian economy as also the impact of implementation of the stimulus package and the unlocking. More than 100 CEOs and other senior people participated in the Survey which was broad based across sectors.

The respondents were positive about the opening-up of the economy and are seeing an uptake as a result thereof. The capacity utilization, order book, job creation and other parameters are much better in compared with the situation in April 2020. That said, a lot more is needed for the revival of the economy and getting it back on track. Some of the initiatives like provision of credit and moratorium needs better implementation.

The Survey highlights some very important insights and we hope that these will be useful for the policymakers as there is an expectation that the Government will do a lot more to help the economy.

We hope you will find the findings of the Survey useful. Thank you for your participation and we would very much welcome your comments and suggestions.

You can view the Survey Findings here.

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